Well hi, I'm Dr Ellis. I both own & pull all the strings here at Freethink Radio. When freethinkradio started in 2010ish, it was a "Truther" site, with many live hosts doing 8 to 10 live shows per day. It was quite something, and for a while it was working. Then the shitstorm started & FTR went dark for a couple years, and now I'm back with it. Minus the help of the original co-founder, Blings, as he has begun his own music ventures at www.methodofmyown.com. So what I do here now is a variety of things, MOSTLY involving music. The youtube channel will sometimes stream me unboxing junk, or playing games or any number of things. But the broadcast here on the website is 99.99% music. that last .01% is me doing random live broadcasts about nothing. Sometimes on a skype group call. Sometimes in a parking lot waiting for my take out order. Also, 98% of the music I try and keep Independent, We all have our pop favs, so Ive ponied up for the SOCAN tag to mix them in as well. But for the most part, I like to keep it Independent, Obscure and sometimes a little weird. Even though it's a simple hobby webpage, I still like to promote it & print stickers & shit like that. I plan on doing hat & t-shirt giveaways and these sorts of things, but It's a lot to do being just one person. So for now, I juggle tracks & things on the webpage. Anyways, That's FTR in a nutshell. Come back for periodic updates & what not. I figured this blog format would be the best way to go about that.. So, yaman, l8r.