Well today is the last night we spend in this apartment. Today's mission will be to fit what we can into the car, and the rest into the dumpster. I am getting ready to pack up this laptop & monitor, but before I did, I figured I would make a quick post about nothing. Were going to be taking the scenic route out this time, rather than stick to the Trans Canada. Hopefully the fires wont be kicking up too much smoke, but reports still say it's pretty hazy still along our chosen route. Either way, it should be a fun drive thru the mountains.

Catching the ferry tomorrow will be an absolute gong-show tho. We have to meet with the rental ppl in the morning to give them their keys, and get our deposit. Then try and get to Nanaimo ASAP for a 1 or 2 O'Clock'ish sailing. Otherwise we won't be getting to the mainland until 6 or 7 in the evening. The biggest problem with living on Vancouver Island, is trying to get OFF of the island. Tourists are a key factor in this. This is an INCREDIBLY touristy place, so theres times of year, and even of the DAY that are pretty much owned by the tourists. Traffic is one problem, with only 2 main ways in or out of this city, resident commuters (which there are a LOT of) get mixed in with slow driving, rubbernecking tourists. which can REALLY fuck with a drive. Then there's the ferries. Early ferries are like black friday sales, you want an early sailing tomorrow? You better go today and wait... From there, it's shit luck. You'll either get on the next one, or you won't. This time of year tho the answer is usually won't. 

ANYWAYS. The plan right now is get more packing tape, boxes & crate paper to ship off the last of the books & what not that we cant fit in the car, and clean the apartment for tomorrow. Since I can only post to this blog from within the yola site builder ( I haven't really figured it all out yet) This will probly be the last entry here until this laptop comes back out of the bag either in a hotel, or in the new house. And being on ANOTHER 7 day facebook ban, I will be posting mostly to Twitter, and the FTR Fan Page with my old Ellis account.  Wish us luck :)