9 days from now, we will be picking up HQ and moving back to Ontario. It has been a pretty fun 3 years being back in Victoria, but it's east we go! Hopefully I will pick up a few new tunes along the way, I always check out local gig flyers & upcoming shows when I'm making stops on the road. I will also be doing some random broadcasts and videos along the way as well. So make sure to check the Youtube channel, Facebook page & Twitter regularly to keep up to date. It will be a 5 to 7 day ordeal, and I will try and have a post per day on at least half of them. Most certainly Facebook & Twitter, but it would also be nice to find some road-wifi near some scenery to get a live video in or 2. 

I'll update this blog as I do stuff regarding FTR along the way :) Stay tuned, there may be a contest!!!!