So we made it off the island and into Alberta. We started at Mile 0 of the Trans Canada Highway and drove east :) 

After having to wait to deal with the move out inspection, and an hour plus drive to the ferry, then a 2 hour wait to get ON THE FERRY, we made it to Lilooet on the first day. Not too bad. It was a pretty hard drive for the Golf loaded to the gills with everything we could carry. The view from the hotel this morning was pretty cool.  Outside of some new dash lights & a few electrical gremlins. The car took it ok. The stereo likes to turn itself off now, that's sorta annoying, the gremlins started when we tried to use the A/C after years of inactivity.

Driving through the mountains tho, we got to see some of the forest fires that seem to pop up every year, they had the helicopters out dropping water on some of the new smokes that were popping up outside of what was already burning. We managed to stop at one turn off to get a pretty good panorama of some of the smaller fires across the valley.

We drove straight out of the mountains from there into Alberta, thru Calgary and on into Olds. I stayed here about 15-16 years ago after I had had enough of working in the oilfeild. I had walked off the rig around 3am, I straight up had enough of the bullshit. That's a whole other story, but long story short, this town has changed. It used to be the sum of 2 intersections. Now it's got all the fixins of a proper town. I got a job here out of boredom at the SAAN dept store. Selling shoes of all things. I did that for a couple paycheques after my final oil money came thru, and packed my shit & headed back to Saltspring Island. So, ya. I got no pictures of Olds to add to this post yet. But I will probly update this again in Saskatchewan, as I will be stopping to visit my mom. Follow me on twitter tho if you want to stay mostly up to date with what's going on. The last photos I will add to this post, will be (in order) 1. The last view of Nanaimo as the ferry pulls away and they close the big bay doors. 2-3 A couple pics on the ferry. 4-6 some more mountain pics. And 7 The Alberta sign as we left the province :) Shout out to the AR group folk that may be reading this. I think ill have my FB back shortly. So I'll be able to drop more pics into chat when we get back to Ontario :) So then, until next time...

G'nite folks :)