So i've uploaded close to 11 hours of new racks to the stream. A lot of really cool Canadian groups, and some kickass stoner/ doom metal that i've been listening to for a while now. I really like getting the music from Bandcamp. I'm finding STELLAR Canadian groups & all kinds of other amazing talent that I just wasn't getting from youtube or any of the other "Music Services". And this way I'm putting most of that money right in the pockets of the artists. So yea, I got nothing but good things to say about Bandcamp. Moving on, I've slapped together the "New" setup for live Skype calling on this laptop. It's still the Freethink Daisy-Chain of outdated machinery. But it works, so thats how I roll LOL. The little 7in tablet I got off ebay a couple months back. for the $60 it cost, it seems to work ok. For all the live stuff I do these days. Its hardly worth sinking money into a proper broadcast setup, when this laptop & an old cell phone were doing just fine. So the tablet will be the "BIG UPGRADE" this year lol. The first piece of new hardware I've picked up in a while, besides a couple used laptops I picked up a few years back to do this all with. Anyways, there may be a few more posts here before the move. But its pretty un-eventful in these days leading up. So keep an eye on facebook, youtube & twitter for any random things I might come up with. There be a contest on the horizon as well. Just need to fancy up the promo & get the big announcement spamming worked out. Until then tho. Thanks for listening to Freethink Radio.