Well, Loudface made it in one peice, Picked up growling his usual "get me out of this fucking box" tune, by Martha's mom. After almost 17 hrs in a crate I would be pissy too. The move is going well, parting with some of the stuff today,I sold my powered subwoofer to this unwitting fella on the internet. It was a Nuance 2x10 200w powered sub in an insulated box. This thing will fuck shit up in the wrong hands. They retail for around $800-$1000 new from what I've found online. I traded an old alpine 150w car amp for it, so the $75 O.B.O. listing was confusing to some. Some ppl asked what was wrong with it, had a few callers wanted to know if it had a serial number and what not (which was clearly visible in the listing photos, but whatever...) But this one guy said 50 cash, but he wanted to see it work.. I was like, fine. Let's do this... Now, this things just hooked up to an old 90's Hitachi 50w quartz radio receiver with an aux & phono line. So when he shows up and sees whats goin on he was a little skeptical. I didnt know what to put on, so I went with Awolnation, Woman Woman. X-over & Volume at 1/4. I start it up & explain the back of it & what pugs where & this stuff.. just before it kicks into the chorus, I tell him "now this is only half but...." and turn it up.. The ashtray on top of it starts skating across the top like an olympic speed skater, and shit in the apartment just started rattling. Buddy just nods smiling & starts digging for cash. His college dorm won't know what hit it, and that was the best $50 he ever spent.. I'm gonna miss that old boom box :(  ANYWAYS, tomorrow is the last day of cleaning & packing. we dropped shipped out a pile of shit on greyhound today that we will have to pick up on the other side, and were likely to have a box or 2 tomorrow that wont fit in the car as well, but all in all everything seems to be on schedule.. I uploaded some Death Grips and Spinal Tap to the stream today to finish balancing out the genres a little for now . I will rethink the playlists this next couple weeks and try out a new "format" I've been toying with when we get to ontario.. But ya, thats the update for today. I've incurred another ban on facebook, this time 7 days, stupid sjw's & their easily hurt asses.. So I won't be posting as myself on FB for the next week (or until they verify my id AGAIN), but I still got twitter & the Barry Ellis FB. so they cant shake me that easy..I'll try to remember to make a quick shitpost here before I tear this setup down, but if not, it'll be nightly from the road or hotel.. We'll see when we get there :)