If you, or anyone you know wants to do a live show of any kind 1 time, weekly, monthly, DAILY?! It's not that hard to make happen. Using 2 simple (and free) programs, I have been able to go live from pretty much anywhere I can get WIFI, on almost any of my devices. The first, for the PC, is a program called "Mixxx Broadcaster" (see links below) It's open source, and has never let me down. And for my Android devices I use this handy app called "Broadcast Myself". It has a free version that I used for a while, I ended up spending the $4 on the pro version, only to find that it only enabled the saving of some settings that were unimportant to the overall operation. The initial setup information saved in the free version, so for the $4, its still worth having the advanced settings save, and auto reconnect features. but the free version works just fine.
So ya, other than the connection info, that's everything you need to broadcast live 24/7 here at Freethink Radio. It doesn't come with a big fancy office or anything, this is only a hobby for me after all, and I don't actually make anything from all of this. But the offer is there. With (at the time of this posting) close to 1000 hits per day, it's not a bad little platform to pick up a few extra subscribers, or just to play around with some far fetched broadcast project youve been working on. The slots are limited, and are First Come - First Serve as far as the actual "times" go. Depending on your timezone, your ideal time may not work with a slot occupied by another broadcast. ALL accounts are locked to their respective times/ individual schedules. So there can be no unscheduled broadcasting, or broadcasting out of schedule. This ensures that people who waited up till midnight to do that show they've been planning for weeks, get to do their shows on time.

24/7 broadcast access is available by request. But limited to 24 hours prior to, and after the actual time of a scheduled event. This allows for pre and post-show live time. Anyways, comment here if your'e interested, and email me at freethinkradio@gmail.com with "R.E. Live Broadcast" in the subject line.

 I look forward to hearing from anybody.

What I use to broadcast.
Mixxx Broadcaster - www.mixxx.org
Broadcast Myself - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=sa.broadcastmyself&hl=en