So the last few days here have been pretty hectic. Between trying to prepare for the move, upload fresh music to the stream, answer emails & do the social networking thing, we have also had to prepare a cat for flight. (Were not drivign across the country with a Cat AND Dog in the car. Thats just crazy) Capt Loudface, is a 17lb shorthair beast of a cat that DOES NOT LIKE travelling. He was flown out here by my girlfriends mother (its actually her cat), and she will also be covering his flight back. But what has become a problem since his arrival, is the Air Canada Cargo carrier size regulations have changed, AGAIN. Which is understandable, I would like to make sure Loudface is at least comfortable, even if he is going to be a miserable dick the whole flight. ANYWAYS the carrier he had arrived in was no longer big enough, so we had to go and get another one.. this "dogit" brand that was almost big enough to fit our 60lb border collie in. But AGAIN too small. So after a panic re-booking, and a new carrier was purchased (one for 20-40lb dogs, but a few inches taller on the inside) we are about to trek BACK to the airport and try and get this cat on a flight again. These last few days before a cross country move are always the best :).