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Permission For Online Use

The Artist identified to the left (“Artist”) grants permission for use of copyrighted material to “FreeThinkRadio”

Freethinkradio operates an Internet radio web site service.
 1. Sound Recording Ownership of Copyright.

 The Artist represents that he/she is the owner of the sound recording submitted to FreeThinkRadio.

2. Musical Composition Ownership of Copyright.

The Artist/Band represents that he/she is the owner of the musical compositions contained within the sound recording submitted to FreeThinkRadio; or that the Artist has obtained permission from the owner of any and all musical compositions not his/her own, for use within his/her sound recording; or that to the best knowledge of the Artist, the musical composition(s) not his/her own is/are within the public domain.

3. Permission to Use Work.

 As owner of the submitted work, Artist agrees to provide permission to FreeThinkRadio to transmit the work, via live, on-demand streaming, without the payment of licensing fees or royalties.

4. You Retain All Of Your Rights.

 No rights are requested nor transferred to FreeThinkRadio other than to use your music on this endeavor.

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